Nautos products are guaranteed anywhere in the world by Nautos Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda when maintained and operated within the parameters established by the Nautos Catalogue or by another Nautos document. This warranty covers material or manufacturing defects from the date of acquisition until the end of the warranty term as detailed below.


Covers only the use of products manufactured by Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. for recreational or sport purposes. Nautos commits to replace the product or carry out repairs on their diagnosis.

Limited warranty

Covers products sold for use on vessels with commercial purposes such as rent, freight, professional and sporting events for boats over 07 meters or any other use that is not recreational. Also into this category fall vessels involved in transoceanic crossings or long journeys. In the case of crossings or long distances, if the owner consults Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. beforehand, an evaluation of viability of the materials installed for this purpose will be performed free of charge, and a documented exception of warranty will be issued with re-established deadlines.

Within the limited warranty, Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. reserves the right to review the equipment and check its terms of use before replacement or repair.


In Brazil, products sold through distributors are guaranteed by Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. in Europe, products manufactured by Nautos are covered by Holt Marine. In the United States, Canada and Central America the warranty is covered by Nautos Usa. In any other region, the customer must refer to the place of purchase, which is responsible for receiving and forwarding the product to Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. in Brazil. The replacement maybe done at the place of purchase or directly by Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda.

Nautos non-transferable warranty

Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. provides warranty of its products to the original customer. This warranty does not extend in any circumstances to third parties.

Warranty term

The Nautos warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for a period of five (05) years starting from the date of delivery of the product to the final customer. This period has the following exceptions:

Furlers: Nautos warranty for furlers extends for seven (07) years. This warranty does not cover the swaged terminal if the swaging was not carried out by authorized personnel;

Code Zero: the code zero is warranted for two (2) years;

Electric Winches: electric winches, motors, relays and throttle controls are warranted for two (02) years;

custom products: special products (custom products) such as pedestals, rudder bearings, turning blocks and other constructions

are warranted forlwo (02) years with exception of documented personalised agreements elsewhere;

Terminals and Tumbuckles: terminals and tumbuckles are warranted for four (04) years. For swaged terminals and tumbuckles the warranty is for four (04) years only in cases where the installation is performed by authorized personnel. In these cases the customer must present proof of payment for this service provided by authorized personnel. For your safety, Nautos terminals and rigging products must be maintained according to the maintenance chart;

Cilinders and Hydraulic Valves: the warranty of these products is one (01) year or as specified in the case of one off products; Nautos Safety products: these products are warranted for one (01) year;

Products branded Nautos but not manufactured by Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda.: these products have labels that establish conditions of use and guarantees established by the manufacturer.

Limited Warranty Term:

The limited warranty covers manufacturing and materials defects for one (01) year with documented exceptions.

Warranty and limited warranty does not cover:

Nautos is not liable for damages or expenses concerning the following reported situations:

  • Defects caused from misuse;
  • Damage caused by incorrect installation;
  • Incorrect dimensioning;
  • Disregard the recommendations of the maintenance chart;
  • Application of Nautos products for any purpose other than the sport and leisure sailing boats.

Warning: under no circumstances should Nautos products, which are designed only for sport and leisure sailing, be used for any other purposes, in particular for human suspension. Nautos warranties do not cover the following cases.

Nautos warranties become void in the following cases:

  • Defects in materials or workmanship occurring during transport;
  • Occurrences of defects or workmanship reported out of the current period of the warranty;
  • Defects reported after 60 days from the receipt date;
  • Products modified from the original factory specifications;
  • Small surface deterioration, such as discoloration or stains;
  • Use above load limits established in manuals, catalogue or specifications;
  • Usual wear or surface deterioration due to the use or exposure to the elemenls;
  • Non-compliance of the standards set in the maintenance schedule, in the Nautos catalogue or in the product manuals.

Products and components not covered by warranty:

  • Winch pawls and springs;
  • Winch handles;
  • Washers and spacers;
  • Ball bearings and roller bearings;
  • Winch grips.

Support for the claiming of the warranty:

In the cases of guarantee application, the customer must contact a Nautos representative or visit the Nautos website at for contact details. For merchandise exchange service, the customer should report the problem and ensure that Nautos receive a written report, within the period established under the warranty, with full address and personal contact information. Nautos may request the customer invoice, along with answers to questions formulated to aid the diagnosis. Solely Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. will examine the piece and decide on replacement or repair, informing the costs if any.

Warranty limitations:

This warranty is the sole and exclusive appeal of the owner of the product in relation to the product. This warranty and its conditions prevail over any verbal, written or implied express conditions. No Nautos agent or unauthorized Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. employee is allowed to modify or extend this warranty. Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. does not authorize any person to assume any other obligation or responsibility with respect to its products. This guarantee is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country in which the product purchase took place.

Consumer protection law:

The Nautos warranty gives to the customers certain rights, complementing the ones existing under the laws applicable to your country, province or state. Nautos Ind. Met. Ltda. Does not ignore, limit or interrupt these rights but only in case of extrajudicial agreements belween the parties.

Applicable law for legal demands:

This warranty is governed by brazilian laws independent of where the product was sold. The jurisdiction and venue to any legal action initiated by you, or relating to this limited warranty or any implied warranty, should be resolved through mediation or arbitration through the venue of comarca in Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil.


This catalogue cannot be reproduced in part or in its entirety, without prior written permission. All contents, whether written or photographic, are subject to modification without prior notice and do not constitute a supply contract. Products as shown in this catalog are intended exclusively for nautical uses as per designs intent.