13 de March de 2019


Prezados Amigos, com grande satisfação informo a participação da Nautos e da Equináutic no Circuito TECON 2019. Nossa participação será através de premiação para todas as […]
7 de November de 2018

SP Boat Show with Equináutic 2018

This year we had the privilege of participating at the São Paulo Boat Show at the stand of our partner and client EQUINÁUTIC. As always, the […]
7 de November de 2018

Energy Series

In a strategy that has been working since the May visit to the Polish market, Nautos launches in METS 2018 the ENERGY LINE. Aimed primarily at […]
7 de November de 2018

Annapolis Boat Show 2018

In October sailors from around the globe come to Annapolis to visit one of the greatest shows in the world, NAUTOS USA is an active participant for […]
7 de November de 2018

Auto Ratchet and Genoa Car

The two most important releases of Nautos for 2019, the Auto Ratchet 57 complements the line and meets a growing demand for the monotype market and […]
7 de November de 2018

Neo38 Niels

Nautos is celebrating the arrival of another NEO38 in gauchas waters. This in particular, Nautos is having the great opportunity to sponsor it. We wish  Commander […]
7 de November de 2018

Southampton Boat Show 2018

Now occupying the position of the largest Boat Show in England (The London Boat Show does not happen anymore) the Southampton Boat Show showed the strength […]
1 de November de 2018

Holt Sales Meeting

One of the most important meetings between Nautos and HOLT takes place every year at the Holt Sales Meeting, which presents the results achieved at the […]
1 de November de 2018

Sopot Match Race 2018

Our second year providing equipment for the SOPOT MATCH RACE boats was even better. The event grew, had more visibility and maintains the position of one […]
1 de November de 2018

Polish Market

During the month of May, our director, Mr. Hamilton Angonese, spent 12 days visiting clients in the Polish market. It was an amazing trip for the […]