Plastic part kit

The Wintec is an original approach to the dilemma of lightness versus resistance. With all supporting parts, such as the body and rod made out of aluminium alloy, the Wintec wind vane hits the target with the correct balance between weight and resistance. Feathers and reference tabs are molded from super-strong polycarbonate. It’s aerodynamic shape provides a high degree of precision. Another important attribute of this design is the availability of spare parts that can be purchased.
Strong & sturdy

Framework in hard anodised alloy, rotating pivot stainless steel.
Accurate even in a light

Breeze light pointer and tail made of robust UV resistant composite.
Visible at night

Fluorescent paint under pointer, tail and arms.

The reference arms are adjustable (template supplied) according to the tacking angle capability of each boat.


Spare parts available.


nautos_0013_comprimento-do-barco nautos_0009_peso nautos_0009_peso
Boat length (m) Boat length (feet)  Weight (g) Weight (OZ)  Useful height (mm) Useful height (inches)
11m 33′ 140 5.64 300 12″