The Congere (77 feet and 36 Ton) was an American flag regatta boat that ran aground on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, on February 5, 1990, 30 km from Hermenegildo beach, near the border with Uruguay, due to a navigation error during the Buenos Aires-Rio Regatta. The boat owned by American yachtsman Bevin Koeppel of the Yacht Club in New York was eventually abandoned on the beach by its 25 crew members. According to the report of the castaways, the Congere sailed 250 miles south of the city of Rio Grande, when it hit a bank of sand causing the mast to break.

When he got close to the beach, a crewman took a cable, which the others disembarked. But after six hours hitting the surf, the boat lost its keel and the hull went down on the beach. Although the site was deserted and difficult to access, the Congere was ransacked and little remained of its interior and parts of the deck. They took the engine, sails and equipment. He was abandoned for two years until he was taken ashore to Rio Grande and bought from the insurer by a group of gaucho sailors who nationalized the vessel. Later it was a single owner who began renovating the boat at Sailing Ships in 2001. The Congere was designed by German Frers and its hull is made of aluminum, manufactured in 1987 in Long Island, United States.

Nautos has supplied wheelsets, traveler of the grand, rails and cars of genôa, reproduced the rudder wheels following the original design, besides special components such as rudder bearings, amongst other parts.


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